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Counselling and Psychotherapy
The beliefs, skills and ways of managing our lives that we developed and learnt as we grew up were probably our best bet at that time. In adult life we can find some of these are no longer useful and may be getting in the way of enjoying our lives and realising our potential. Sometimes this early learning can manifest in the type of problems set out on the home page. As we go through our lives, we can also experience shocks and traumas that we feel unable to deal with. Indeed sometimes we survive a trauma yet know that our life feels limited in some way. As a trained trauma therapist I can help you work through the ongoing influence of traumas so that they can become part of you history rather than haunt you present life and relationships. We may need support and understanding to come to terms with, and process the results of such events or experiences.

In my counselling and psychotherapy practice I provide a confidential, safe environment in which I help you explore your problems and difficulties and help you decide what you want to change of your beliefs about yourself, other people and your quality of life. I also provide support in putting into practice new ways of living your life resulting from the changes you make.

I am also a qualified and experienced supervisor and offer supervision to counsellors and psychotherapist in both High Wycombe and in Oxford

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